Turn-Key System
We provide a complete turn-key system - ready to begin operation right out of the box!  We use only high-quality dependable hardware so you can concentrate on the hair and beauty business, not computer problems!  If you already have the hardware, we can sell just the software and help you install it on your equipment.


  • 850Mhz Celeron Processor
  • 20G Hard Drive
  • 64M RAM
  • 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • 56K Internal Modem
  • 104-key Keyboard
  • 15" Color Monitor
  • 18"x16" Electronic Cash Drawer
  • Axiohm High-speed Thermal Receipt Printer
  • APC Battery Backup Unit
  • 1 box backup diskettes
  • Complete System Advantages
    There are several advantages to buying our complete system:

    • The computer is set up and configured.
    • We preload all software and configure your general salon information.
    • We handle all support and service so you eliminate the traditional "finger-pointing". This is where the software guys tell you the problem is hardware and the hardware guys tell you the problem is in the software.
    • You can be confident that the system is correct and will work from the start.
    • You save time - our system can begin processing customers as soon as you turn it on!  Don't waste a day of hassling with trying to get all the components to work together.

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